In a world of Echoes, existance is never a sure thing.

Welcome to The Echo Universe, the first webpage dedicated to Dreamwave Productions' newest science fiction comic Echo.

20/5/2001 Added another link to the links page. Also did a few misc things around the site.

4/5/2001 Added a few more links to the links page. Created and linked the Echo Gallery. Updated and improved the Profiles section. Also a few other changes around the place.

25/4/2001 If you have the time, its worth checking for Echo news on the Dreamwave Board. Added several more images to the gallery, and linked up the Kesaga Gallery. Also changed the layout of certain pages slightly, so that things fit a bit better.

22/4/2001 Added a story page that will give a brief description of what the comic is all about. Also added some more stuff to the gallery.

21/4/2001 Added some more stuff to the Gallery and also another link of the links page. Created and linked and Echo guide page. Added a link to my email down the bottom of this page. Did a few other minor changes and fixes.

20/4/2001 Linked the Gallery and began adding images to it. Also fixed up a few problems with the links page and added a few more links. Added a disclaimer thingy.

18/4/2001 Good news for all echo fans, Echo 6 is scheduled for release around Fall 2001 with a new production team. Its sad to lose Long Vo et al. as the produced a truly spectacular comic, but lets hope that the new team will be able to maintain the standard. I have faith that they will. Minor adjustments to the profiles page, added one image and fixed another up. Also added a link back to the main page from that page and others. Fianlly linked the encyclopedia page, will begin working on it shortly.

10/2/2001 Added a new page for the webrings that I have joined, hopefully will join a few more soon. Got rid of the history page since I didn't think there is really enough stuff to put on it at the moment. May add it back in later when a few more issues have been released. Also updated and completed the character profile page.

THE STORY What the comic is all about

ISSUE GUIDE The Echo story as it evolves, issue by issue

PROFILES Profiles of every named character in the comic

ENCYCLOPEDIA Terms that appear in the comic

TECHNOLOGY A guide to the technology in the world of Echo

ECHOES A guide to the Echoes that have appeared in the comic

GALLERY Gallery of images

LINKS Other great sites

WEBRINGS Webrings that this site is a member of

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